Monday, December 3, 2012

Esther - Lesson One

Thanks to Beth Moore we have a guideline for understanding the book of Esther.  Hope you enjoy the journey as much as I do.

The first thing I have learned from taking various studies is to ask God to clear your head of anything but Him and to ask Him for his guidance so you will glean what He wants you to take from this amazing story of one of His chosen Queens.

FACTOID: If the Persian Jews had been annihilated, our Savior Jesus Christ never would have been born. 

It reminds us how important every person is in the world.  We just don't really know what His plan is for us and we may never now on this side of heaven.  Our contribution might be like Queen Esther, who because of her live and the way she lived for God we were blesses with His Son Jesus Christ.

My hope during this week I am hoping to uncover some of the answers to a few questions.
1.  What was the timing and political climate of the story Esther would soon enter?
2.  In Esther 1, who attended Xerxes' banquet?
3.  From your perspective, for what three possible reasons might Vashti have refused King Xerxes' order?
4.  What did Memucan advise the king to do?
5.  How might the thought that "it;s tough being a woman in another woman's shadow" have proved especially true for wives all over Persia?

Let's begin today by reading Esther Chapter One and see what we can learn about this amazing Queen.

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